Personalized content discovery, targeted content promotion, and a compelling interface make Scitrus the smart discovery tool for researchers—and publishers.


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A better way to stay up to date

Researchers spend too much time in information overload—there’s too much new content to process and too many sources to check.

Content promotion through machine learning

Scitrus is a personalized discovery application for researchers and practitioners in every field. It connects readers to the content they need—before they look for it. Scitrus uses machine learning to understand their evolving interests and search for relevant content from across the web. It then delivers a live custom feed with the latest journal articles, preprints, news, and conferences in their specialty.

Reaching beyond current readership

Scitrus presents each day’s newest content in a compelling, magazine-like interface, giving prominence to information that most closely matches a reader’s interests. Content is linked back to the publisher’s website, increasing traffic and regularly introducing new readers to new brands.

Branded, targeted content delivery

Scitrus gives publishers a valuable environment in which to promote their content directly to the practitioners and researchers who want it most. In addition to the main feed, readers also see channels dedicated to publishers, publications, societies, and institutions.

Publishers can create a branded channel to promote any combination of content, news, and events. A web app with only the most relevant and most recent information—personalized for each reader—is a valuable environment from which to build readership.

Machine learning ensures that your content gets discovered and keeps researchers up to date with the content they need most.

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