Analyze remarkably granular platform and user data. Easily construct your own reports for smart marketing, sales, and product development decisions.

Comprehensive platform reporting

Atypon Insights, Literatum’s Business Intelligence module underpinned by Google technologies, provides a rich and detailed history of platform activity.

70+ out-of-the-box reports inform your editorial, marketing, and sales decisions—from strategy and site optimization to product packaging and pricing. The reports cover every content type and all aspects of content delivery, licenses, and user behavior. Massive cloud storage capacity preserves website data indefinitely, so that you can factor in historical trends.

Granular, industry-specific data

Unlike generic enterprise analytics packages, Literatum’s analytics module tracks and combines publishing-specific content usage data with readers’ site behavior. Drill down for insights into the root causes of trends and anomalies, and uncover business opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to identify.

Easy-to-build custom reports

Need a new perspective on your data? Simply drag the relevant data fields into a report layout. Familiar report visualizations—including sunbursts, bar graphs, and fever charts—make data easy to interpret. Reports can also be scheduled for distribution or exported on demand as Excel files, text, CSV, and even JSON.

An easy-to-use report designer allows non-technical users to self-serve on new reporting requirements, so you’re not confined by existing reports or reliant on your IT staff to customize them.

The 70+ out-of-the-box reports provided also act as guides on how to build your own custom reports to easily cover the most common avenues of inquiry.

Analytics for all

Atypon Insights reports can be published and shared from within the platform, giving more of your staff more access to more kinds of data. Data export options are available for clients who require data integration with their own or external systems.

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Analytics and reporting designed specifically for your publications.
Our new ability to capture user-level analytics and make changes to the site’s interface and content enables us to respond quickly to the changing needs of our users and expand our content offerings. — Elizabeth K. Keyes Chief Operating Officer, American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

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