Content migration & optimization

Atypon’s auto-tagger has won awards in the international BioASQ challenge every year since 2013, making it a world leader in both speed and accuracy.

Content migration & Optimization

Migration experts

Atypon has completed more large-scale platform migrations than all of our competitors combined: our 60-person migration team has handled transitions to Literatum from custom best-of-breed systems as well as from every major platform vendor in the industry.

Data validation, cleaning, and mapping

As part of every migration, we map the data from your existing site—from contact info to settings and passwords—to your new site. And we generate pristine XML from all of your existing content.

Content format conversion

Atypon converts the content in your backfiles and optimizes image formats for the web. Our content migration team has scripts in place for migrating from most other publishing platforms. For unusual or proprietary content formats we write custom scripts.

Content QA

After your content is submitted or uploaded, it is run through Literatum’s automated checker before being QA’ed and published to your website. Error detection for deposit scripts, press embargoes, and indexing is included.

Built-in metadata validation delivered after each batch upload is completed guards against processing errors like missing content, unresolved links, or damaged content.

Literatum generates both human- and machine-readable error reports, with information on what the error is and often even how you can fix it. Because Literatum is accessible to you 24/7/365, you can remediate errors faster, at any time.

Taxonomies & Tagging

Automated semantic tagging

Atypon’s taxonomy auto-tagger applies semantic tags from any master list of topics—your own or those of a third party—in real time, as content is uploaded. By comparing your topic sets and taxonomies with sample sets of how that tag set has been previously applied, Literatum accurately and automatically proliferates tags across the entire corpus of the publisher’s content.

Taxonomy / topic creation and assignment

Literatum supports custom taxonomies as well as tags applied manually. Taxonomies are delivered through a tagging capability woven throughout the platform.

Literatum taxonomies go far beyond simply displaying keywords. They can be applied to anything—multimedia content, subscribers, content products, and so on—and used to create targeted marketing campaigns, refine searches, make recommendations, and track content usage by topic. They can also be used to describe user characteristics and track content usage by topic.

Taxonomies are also incorporated in reports so you can gauge how content on one topic is performing against topic on another.

Tags and taxonomies underlie some of Literatum’s key features, including:

  • Search facets and filters
  • Synonym mapping
  • Hierarchical browsing
  • Topic-based alerts, content recommendations, and offers
  • Behavioral marketing (alerts, content recommendations, and offers based on users’ site behavior)
  • Rapid creation of new, topic-based content bundles

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