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Privacy without passwords

Atypon Connect is a single ID for researchers and practitioners that gives them instant access to the scholarly websites and research tools they use every day—eliminating the frustration of repetitive logins. And it puts them in control of their personal profile data, including which websites it can be shared with.

Reduce anonymous visitors

Connect identifies individual visitors to participating websites—even those coming from institutions—and provides you with their name and email address. Connect users choose to exchange additional personal data for more personalized online experiences that make their research more productive.

Increase engagement—and revenue opportunities

Connect users get instant access to participating Connect websites and to third-party apps integrated with those sites—without logging in. By reducing barriers to your content and adding value to your website, you increase engagement and monetization opportunities. And each Connect visitor automatically becomes a registered user of your site.

An industry-wide initiative

Broad industry participation maximizes the benefit to users, and Connect is available to all publishers, application providers, and services—not just Atypon clients. It is secure, scalable, built on open standards, and complements industry technologies like, CASA, and GetFTR.

The more sites that participate, the more their users’ online experience improves.

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Atypon Connect

Atypon Connect was met with interest and approval at a 2019 Charleston Library Conference focus group. Here’s a few things participants told us:

Publishers can serve their readers better when they know who they are


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