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CONNECT incentivizes personal user access on your site and provides you with a better understanding of your readers and user communities.

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More known users

Over 95% of scholarly publishers’ site traffic is anonymous. CONNECT lowers the barrier of entry for new users with a simplified registration workflow and adds more value to users’ personal accounts by offering combined personal and institutional access across multiple sites and services.

Publishers who have upgraded to CONNECT’s free identity management service are seeing over 100% growth in both new registered users and individually authenticated sessions year-on-year.

Streamlined personal and institutional access

CONNECT offers a simple, unified approach to personal and institutional access, on- and off-campus, that includes:

  • A modern user interface
  • Social logins: Enable users to log in using Google, ORCID, Microsoft, Apple, and Twitter credentials
  • Single Sign-On: Use CONNECT as the Identity Provider for all of your sites, including sites hosted by other vendors, to provide users with a single login across them all
  • Combining personal and institutional access: Enable users to access their institutional entitlements by linking their profile with an institution

An open and interconnected ecosystem

CONNECT unlocks the productivity of researchers by allowing them to effortlessly and securely access content and services from multiple participating sites with a single user profile.

CONNECT is available to publishers, application providers, and services—not just Atypon clients. It is secure, scalable, and built on open standards, and it works alongside industry technologies like, CASA, and GetFTR.

Broad industry participation maximizes the benefits to users and participating publishers.

Connect Overview

It’s a dream product for researchers—almost too good to be true.

It’s just what we need to increase the usage of library resources by improving off-campus access.

Increase engagement and revenue opportunities

By reducing barriers to your content and adding value to your website, you increase engagement and monetization opportunities.

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