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What is community at Atypon?

As an Atypon customer, you’re part of a large, worldwide community: a community of publishers, scholarly societies, and other organizations who are facing the same challenges and opportunities.

Fostering that community is becoming a big part of the work we do as a company, right alongside the effort we put into developing and supporting our products.

Our whole industry thrives when ideas and knowledge are shared. So the Atypon community—your community—is interactive and self-directed, a space for collaboration and conversation, tackling common challenges, and making collective progress.

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3 pillars of community at Atypon

1/ New forums for Atypon development updates

Our traditional User Conferences had two key components: product-focused sessions where Atypon provided updates on new and upcoming developments, and informal sharing of information and product experiences among customers and Atypon staff.

While those development updates are critical, they’re also easy to deliver—everywhere and on demand—via product-focused webinars, blog posts, and other forums, like our Community Newsletter, and that’s where you’ll find the majority of that information content from now on.

Our whole industry thrives when ideas and knowledge are shared.

2/ The Community Meeting

It’s the informal conversations that both we and our customers most value from our in-person meetings, and that’s why, starting with our first Atypon Community Meeting in June 2021, we’ve shifted our focus to prioritize interactive discussions and programming that comes from you, the community.

The most recent Community Meeting took place on November 15, 2023, in Washington, DC, as part of Wiley Partner Solutions Community Day.

While you’re here, please explore our Community Resources page with contributions from our Atypon and community speakers.

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3/ Community Interest Groups

The last “pillar” of our community-building efforts are the Community Interest Groups—some already established, and others just preparing for launch. The goal of these groups is to provide an informal, useful, and fun space where community members can connect to share ideas, solutions, and tips; where they can learn from one another and coordinate their thinking and initiatives—whether or not they relate to Atypon. Each group is led by an Atypon client and community member, and supported by a relevant subject matter expert from the Atypon team.

You are the community, and the community is you!

We’re creating a space for our worldwide community to share insights, tackle collective challenges, and move our industry forward together.

From our ongoing webinar series and our Community Newsletter to Community Interest Groups and Community Meetings, this is where you’ll find the information, connections, and collaboration you need to get the most out of working with Atypon.

Join or suggest a Community Interest Group, subscribe to our Community Newsletter, suggest a newsletter or blog post topic, or just get in touch with us—this is your community, and we want to hear from you!

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