The Atypon Design Studio

Your website isn’t just a place to put content

The Atypon Design Studio is a full-service website design agency within Atypon. We’ve built hundreds of publishing websites over the past 20 years, and we know that publishers need to forge strong, lasting connections to their readers. And we understand what those readers want: convenient and productive online experiences. Here are just a few examples of our work.

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The Atypon Design Studio

Websites that save time and money

We don’t have to start from scratch. Our platform is built for content delivery sites like yours, and our solutions are rooted in evidence-based results from our review of hundreds of publishing and popular consumer websites. To build your site, we use Page Builder, the same easy-to-use production tool that our customers use to maintain their sites. All of which reduces design iterations and eliminates wireframing entirely, saving you time and lowering costs.

Websites designed for Literatum

At the core of everything we do is UX 3.0—Atypon’s streamlined system for website design and development. And every site is designed to leverage Literatum’s features—which means you get a modern publishing website that provides personalized reading experiences tailored to any device.

We speak publishing

Our designers and developers work side by side and are fluent in a common design language, and that language evolves as it encounters new design challenges. Our designs are influenced by the publishing websites we have created and the ongoing focus groups, A/B testing, and other site usage research that we and our customers conduct.

We work well with others

Want to work with your own designers? No problem. Our team will make sure your designs are implemented faithfully and map advantageously to all of Literatum’s features.

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The Atypon Design Studio