Taxonomies & Tagging

Atypon’s Auto-Tagger has won awards in the international BioASQ challenge every year since 2013, making it a world leader in both speed and accuracy.

Automated semantic tagging

The Atypon Auto-Tagger is a pre-trained Artificial Intelligence (AI) classification service that applies semantic tags from any master list—your own, Atypon’s, or those of a third party—in real-time as content is uploaded. By comparing your topic sets and taxonomies with sample sets of how tags have previously been applied, Literatum accurately and automatically proliferates tags across the entire corpus of your content.

The Atypon Taxonomy

Properly semantically annotated content is crucial for information discovery, but creating and maintaining taxonomies is a time-consuming process, typically requiring the continual efforts of taxonomists and domain experts. To address these challenges, the Atypon Taxonomy is a ready-to-deploy, multi-discipline taxonomy covering 19 primary scientific disciplines and 200,000 supporting concepts to scale to any publisher’s content. It is kept up-to-date by the Collective Intelligence of all participating publishers and Atypon, whose usage regularly enriches the tags and their metadata.

The Atypon Taxonomy can serve as an alternative to proprietary taxonomies, but can also work alongside them to annotate and structure content uniformly. Delivered with the Atypon Auto-Tagger to process back and front lists, The Atypon Taxonomy frees publishers to focus on other important aspects of their business.

Taxonomy and topic creation and assignment

Literatum supports custom taxonomies as well as tags applied manually, and tagging capability is woven throughout the platform.

Literatum taxonomies go far beyond simply displaying keywords. They can be applied to anything, including multimedia content, subscribers, and content products. They can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns, refine searches, make recommendations, track content usage by topic, and more.

Taxonomies are also incorporated in reports, so you can gauge how content on one topic is performing against content on another.

Tags and taxonomies underlie some of Literatum’s key features, including:

  • Search facets and filters
  • Synonym mapping
  • Hierarchical browsing
  • Topic-based alerts, content recommendations, and offers
  • Behavioral marketing (alerts, content recommendations, and offers based on users’ site behavior)
  • Rapid creation of new, topic-based content bundles

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