Publisher-defined content types

Manage, market, and sell any content type.

Atypon believes all content is created equal …

Literatum can host any type of content—but the platform goes far beyond that.

… and Literatum treats it that way

Atypon’s Digital Objects technology makes all of your content stand out on the web. It lets you tag, target, discount, promote, bundle, and sell any type of content as easily as you would an article, from editorials and exams to blog posts, databases, and videos.

You’re never tied to a single way of presenting your content. You can specify how each content asset appears, and even display it in different ways in different places on your website.

Improved discoverability

Content variety keeps readers—and Google—happy. Hosting all of your assets on a single platform increases site traffic by giving your website a significant SEO boost.

One-stop shopping

Digital Objects give your sales and marketing efforts a boost. Make content recommendations, cross-sells, upsells, and promotional offers across all of your content assets, the way effective consumer websites do. In addition, visitors can purchase any and all of your products using a single shopping cart.

We were especially impressed with the ability of the platform to support our wide range of content—all with the same level of functionality. — Jane Hiebert-White Executive Publisher, Health Affairs

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