Case studies

Atypon has over 200 clients. Here’s how our technologies have helped some of them increase readership, revenues, brand loyalty, and user satisfaction.

Using Atypon CONNECT to streamline the registration process

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Using Atypon CONNECT as an SSO solution and tripling user registrations

Future Science Group

Chinese Publisher Increases International Reach and Influence

Chinese Chemical Society

Ensuring institutional access for remote researchers with Atypon CONNECT

Sabinet African Journals

New eCommerce workflow increases pay-per-view sales

Taylor & Francis

U.S. government journal improves its UX and 508 compliance

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Migrating 1,000+ titles and integrating 25 systems in 9 months.


A consumerized site design increases and lengthens site visits.

AIP Publishing / Physics Today

Crisis response with fast, easy-to-use website creation tools.

The Lancet

Videos alongside content improves marketing and sales.

New England Journal of Medicine

Auto-updated microsite drives public awareness and sales.

American Psychiatric Association

Subscriptions to frequent content updates yield recurring revenue.

American Psychiatric Association

Redesign gives publisher UX control, and HTML use now tops PDFs.

Annual Reviews

Subscription-based, interactive exams yield new revenue streams.

American Pharmacists Association

Large platform migration includes integration with 25 systems.


Both large and small and spanning over continents, our clients are among the world’s most prestigious content providers.


Literatum hosts content in more than a dozen languages and written in a half dozen different alphabets.

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Atypon houses more scholarly websites, journals, and articles than any other platform.