Behavioral marketing

Help readers discover more of what they like—and show them more of what you want them to see.

Understand your readers’ likes and wants

Literatum can track visitors’ identities and site behavior so you can surface the content, ads, and offers that will interest each reader the most, increasing their time on site—and the value of every ad impression.

Literatum websites predict and recommend content that a visitor might be interested in based on what similar users have clicked on, downloaded, and read. Because recommended content is drawn from the entirety of your offerings—from articles to podcasts to blogs—Literatum makes all your content more marketable. And showing readers content they need alongside content they didn’t even know they wanted extends site visits and generates new revenue.

Smart Groups are smart publishing

Smart Groups’ targeting technology segments website visitors into groups of users with similar characteristics, such as their geographic location or subscription status, and site behavior like their reading history or the ads they’ve clicked.

Once you’ve defined a visitor segment, or Smart Group, it’s easy to target content, ads, and promotions to the visitors who’ll respond favorably to them. Smart Groups can even be used to track users who have not created an account or logged in, letting you target new visitors and boost the chance that they’ll become a customer. Combine Smart Groups with Literatum’s flexible sales and subscription models, and you have a powerful new way to increase revenues.

Know thy reader
“More like this” and “you might also like” suggestions are powered by Atypon’s powerful content recommendation engine, which is fueled by our collaborative filtering and automatic topic modeling algorithms.
It is now fast and easy to create new pages, populate them with topic-specific content, and post everything from related tweets to video abstracts—all on the fly. — Phil Garner Managing Director, Future Science Group

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