Information discovery

Skillful SEO means more readers find your site. And machine learning lets them find what they came for on your site, even before they start looking.

Get noticed

If visitors can’t find it, they can’t read it. The enhanced search and recommendation technologies built into Literatum automatically surface what your visitors want to read.

Help readers find what they’re looking for …

Integrated search pulls results from across all of your content assets, products, and websites. And the consumer-grade interface lets readers quickly drill down to the right granular content, without leaving the search results page.

Predictive search anticipates what visitors are looking for, and session-based search histories remind them what they’ve looked for previously. Spelling correction, auto suggestions, search query expansion, and acronym recognition make search more convenient and results more accurate.

… and even what they aren’t

Literatum’s precision content recommendations are based on both content similar to what the reader is looking for and what others with similar interests have read. Search results and rankings leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to put what your visitors are interested in front and center, leading readers to content they didn’t even know they wanted.

Literatum’s content recommendation engine personalizes search results by combining information on users’ identities, site behavior, and what they’ve read.

SEO: Don’t get lost in the crowd

The more traffic a website gets, the higher Google ranks it, a circular phenomenon that demands skillful SEO strategies. Literatum’s built-in SEO features are based on requirements and recommendations that Google, Bing, and Baidu share with us to ensure the critical content we host is visible in their platforms. As a result, many of our clients see a significant bump in website traffic and usage after migrating their websites to Literatum.

Sites that host multiple content types tend to rank higher. So the wider the variety of content you host on Literatum, the greater your search engine equity and rankings.

We can help your online publishing business take off.

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