Easier to buy means easier to sell. Consumer-grade eCommerce streamlines your readers’ journey from discovery to purchase.

Treat your users like consumers

Our eCommerce workflow—the journey your users take from the moment they decide to buy something until their purchase is completed—is based on our exhaustive and ongoing study of successful consumer websites.

Unintuitive UIs and intrusive requests for personal information prolong the purchasing process unnecessarily and lead potential customers to abandon their carts. That’s why we’ve developed a frictionless experience that limits the “click paths” to checkout and encourages and facilitates purchases.

Literatum already simplifies registration for new users, and signing into an existing user account is quick and easy. For any users who prefer not to sign in, the guest checkout option is just as streamlined.

The power of the entire platform

Literatum’s eCommerce module is supported by many of the platform’s other features. Offers and prices can be set globally or be tailored to different user groups, institutions, regions, and so on—all of it easily and intuitively managed in the Literatum backend.

Every eCommerce feature, like the website itself, is mobile-ready—a feature of Atypon’s UX 3.0 Site Design and Build system—smoothing the purchasing journey for buyers on mobile devices, whose numbers increase daily.

Literatum’s content recommendation engine also allows for “more like this” and “similar visitors have purchased” suggestions to be incorporated in the shopping cart, so you can tailor offers and present appealing content right at the moment of purchase.

Personalize, analyze, optimize

Analyze, measure, compare, and optimize your online product offers, including how content is packaged, priced, and targeted. You can even sell content and products from websites that aren’t hosted on Literatum.

Literatum’s eCommerce module easily integrates with all major international payment processors, including Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, and Alipay.
Literatum lets us distribute our publications more effectively than ever before. We launched last month and have already seen an increase in sales on our websites. — Michael Magoulias Director of Journals, University of Chicago Press

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