Site design & build

A faster way to develop publication websites and a new way for publishers to keep their brand fresh.

Design and build: UX 3.0

UX 3.0 is Atypon’s streamlined system for creating modern, consumerized websites. It is based on the same UI and UX design principles used by successful consumer websites.

UX 3.0 excludes unnecessary information, eliminates visual clutter, simplifies navigation, and enhances search. Smart widgets enforce design principles for the same kind of consumer-grade user experience that your readers find on the websites they visit daily. And fully mobile-ready, responsive websites provide an optimal reading experience on any device.

UX 3.0’s component-based site construction and library of design themes accelerate build times. Well-documented styles keep your unique branding consistent across your entire site and ensure that it won’t degrade over time. And our re-engineered design and development process and workflows result in higher-quality websites with fewer bugs.

Maintain and update: Page Builder

Page Builder, Literatum’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop UI and UX design tool, is used first by Atypon engineers to build your site and then by your organization to maintain and update it, ensuring seamless integration between site creation and site management.

Real-time control of your website

Together, UX 3.0 and Page Builder give you real-time control over your website’s content, look, and feel. But they go beyond enabling non-technical users to modify your site’s interface. You can also quickly and easily produce new landing pages and even entire websites to promote new products and events or to respond to breaking news or industry developments.

Unprecedented control of your brand

Refresh your site’s look and feel. Target advertising to the readers most likely to respond to it. Create personalized marketing offers on the fly, then optimize those offers based on usage statistics from Atypon Insights, Literatum’s integrated analytics module.

Changes that used to take days or even months to implement are now instantaneous. Page Builder will support our content strategy for years to come.— John PescatoreDirector of Publishing, Academy of Management

Quickly launch new landing pages and even build entirely new websites—all while preserving the integrity of your brand.

Our technologies are designed specifically for publishers.

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