User experience design tools

Page Builder, Literatum’s built-in UX design tool, lets you create new products, build websites from scratch, and make site changes faster than ever before.

“Wow. Page Builder is easier to use than WordPress!”
Health Affairs editor

Take control of your brand

Page Builder, Literatum’s fully integrated web content management system (CMS) for site design and editing, puts you in charge of your site’s content, user experience, and branding. Style settings in its drag-and-drop widgets automatically enforce your branding, keeping it consistent across all your pages and websites.

Focus on content—not technology

Your non-technical publishing staff can use Page Builder to make major changes or minor tweaks to your websites in real time—or your Atypon Account Manager can make them for you.

A publishing-inspired web CMS

Because Page Builder was designed specifically for publishing, it is much more powerful—and practical—for professional and scholarly publishers than a generic web CMS like Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress. Its smart widgets link directly to your content database, giving you the autonomy to rapidly stage, review, and roll out new products and site features—to a single page or an entire site.

Increase the impact of your website

  • Personalize each user’s journey with the automated content recommendation widget.
  • Refresh your site’s layout and styling to reflect changing business priorities.
  • Customize and update your product offerings as your business strategy evolves.
  • Quickly create landing pages and microsites from scratch to highlight a new product or breaking news.
Page Builder gives non-technical staff the autonomy to make the kinds of changes that previously only developers could make.
Changes that used to take days or even months to implement are now instantaneous. Page Builder will support our content strategy for years to come. — John Pescatore Director of Publishing, Academy of Management

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