UX 3.0

A new way to design and build publication websites

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
—Steve Jobs

Information overload

Quality content isn’t enough to attract and retain your online readers. Keeping the attention of visitors who are bombarded with information also requires modern, consumerized websites. Recognizing the challenge of creating “sticky” sites that inspire return visits, Atypon developed UX 3.0, a unified design system for building successful publication websites.

Better sites, shorter build times

UX 3.0 sites are better and can be built faster: better because they give readers a more convenient and intuitive experience, and faster because UX 3.0 gives our design and engineering teams a common language to work with. UX 3.0 delivers prototypes to customers more quickly, reduces design iteration cycles, and creates sites that are easier for you to maintain.

Sticky sites, brand impact

Atypon has studied successful consumer websites for over 20 years. By adapting best-practice design principles to UX 3.0, we deliver websites that increase traffic, lengthen visits, and deepen user engagement.

Designs, not templates

UX 3.0 is not a template—it’s a systematic, component-based approach to website design and development. Publishers choose from an ever-growing set of flexible themes that are branded for each client. The themes, each with a library of page components, give you a wide range of options for differentiating your site.

Websites specifically for Literatum publishers

UX 3.0 leverages all of Literatum’s publishing-specific features and evolves as industry best practices evolve. We regularly update it based on our continuous user testing, resulting in modern publication websites that increase readership, revenues, and brand impact.

UX 3.0 was created by the Atypon Design Studio. It is powered by Page Builder, Literatum’s drag-and-drop UI and UX design tool.
Consumerized features and personalized content have created a stickier site where readers are able to fully engage with our content. — Liz Allen Director of MarCom and Strategic Development, Annual Reviews

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