Atypon Adds New eReader, Business Intelligence Module, and Login Technology to Literatum

July 12, 2017

New Multi-User Content Licenses and Search Enhancements Also in Latest Release of Atypon’s Online Publishing Platform   

SANTA CLARA, CA—July 12, 2017—A fully integrated eReader, a new multi-user license framework, and three new login options are among the new features in Atypon’s latest release of Literatum, the most widely used and fully featured online publishing platform for the professional and scholarly publishing industry. The first of three regularly scheduled yearly updates, this release also includes Atypon Insights, a new business intelligence module that significantly upgrades Literatum’s reporting capabilities.

Atypon’s new in-browser eReader replaces PDF with EPUB to provide a superior online and offline reading experience for both books and journal articles—an industry first—and to keep readers on publishers’ sites. By providing an alternative to PDFs, the Atypon eReader also reduces unlicensed content usage. EPUB is a non-proprietary open publication standard and a portable format that can be easily shared.

Based on open-source technology developed by the Readium Foundation, the Atypon eReader provides synchronized reading across multiple devices and offline in-browser support. Upcoming releases will include annotation, social reading, collaboration, and a personalized user dashboard.

Atypon Insights is Literatum’s new business intelligence module. It collects event-level behavioral data on readers’ content usage to uncover actionable intelligence. Its drag-and-drop tools and clear, familiar visualizations allow for on-the-fly report creation and interactive data exploration.

Three new authentication solutions—secure “remember me” cookie-based login, passwordless login, and login via phone number verification—give publishers new options for providing their readers with fast, seamless access to their content while eliminating password-related security risks.

Atypon has also added a new multi-user license framework that enables publishers to control concurrent content usage by combining multiple variables, including duration and the number of simultaneous users and/or access requests. These new parameters enable publishers to offer consumer rental options, emulate a lending library, and create new broader offers for unserved market segments.

“Atypon Insights, our eReader, and the new license models work together to create and track new ways of monetizing content and give our publishers a competitive edge,” said Marty Picco, Atypon’s Vice President of Product Management, “and our ongoing technology investments in the improvement of scientific and professional communication ensure that Atypon publishers can give their readers the productive research experiences that they expect.”

Additional new Literatum features in this latest product release include:

  • Proprietary search algorithms that improve relevance ranking
  • More accurate search results for inaccurately spelled names
  • A new tool that enables designers to build customized website search queries
  • Faster search query results
  • Faster content availability

Literatum has been in continuous development for 20 years. More than two-thirds of Atypon’s staff is devoted to software engineering.

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Atypon develops software essential to the business of online publishing. Literatum, our publishing platform, provides easy-to-use tools and automated technologies that free publishers to focus on content—not technology—putting them in control of the presentation, marketing, and sale of their online publications. Literatum is engineered for Active Publishing, Atypon’s strategy for increasing readership, revenues, and impact by providing engaging, personalized reading experiences that convert website visitors into subscribers. Websites powered by Literatum feature major advancements in consumerized user interfaces, user experience design, and eCommerce journeys, as well as universal support for any digital content or publication type.

Atypon’s customers include Elsevier, the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Chemical Society, the University of Chicago Press, and SAGE. Founded in 1996, we are headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York City, Europe, and the Middle East.

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