Beyond the Search Box: New Discovery Technologies

July 11, 2017

In a recent interview with Research Information, Marty Picco, Atypon’s Vice President of Product Development, discussed Atypon’s unique technologies for improving organic and onsite discovery that go beyond SEO and traditional UI-based tactics. For example, he explained that Literatum can handle non-peer-reviewed content as full-fledged publications (such as videos, interactive data sets, magazine articles, and blogs); tagging such content can therefore enhance search and recommendations by returning a broader range of content relevant to the user. This capability enables such non-traditional content to be promoted, bundled, and sold as easily as journal articles, and to drive traffic to journals and books—all part of an integrated content marketing strategy that incorporates promotion, targeting, and upselling.

To facilitate and speed discovery, Marty also discussed how collaborative filtering and finely honed recommendations (“more like this” and “others have also searched for”)—driven by Atypon’s proprietary recommendation engine and collaborative filtering algorithms—can present content that searchers didn’t even know they were looking for.

Speed doesn’t only involve a smooth road—it involves removing hurdles, such as the different login screens of every publisher. It’s for this reason that Atypon is involved in the Universal Researcher Access (RA21) initiative coordinated by STM and NISO. Marty’s team has developed a prototype that would enable researchers to sign in only once to access articles on the sites of multiple publishers. The end result for publishers is connecting researchers with content, and, on a grander scale, connecting researchers with the publisher’s websites, and first-time visitors to new types of content.

Marty also mentioned Atypon’s research programs at several universities that are examining how artificial intelligence (AI) can make it possible to extract meaningful, searchable information from content and figures.

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