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Keeping up

All professionals face the challenge of staying on top of mission-critical information in their fields. Best practices and regulatory requirements are increasingly complex, and the rate at which they change only gets faster. A single update can have far-reaching ramifications, and it’s impossible to publish new print editions frequently enough.

Content as a service

Literatum, our online publishing platform, enables you to update authoritative content as and when you need to, and to get it to practitioners and professionals in a way that conforms to—and even enhances—the way they like to work.

Literatum’s Living Documents display the most current version of your practice guidelines and standards along with a comprehensive revision history that includes annotation tracking. So update your content as often as you wish—all the new information, and even the reasons for the changes, will instantly be made available and distributed. And you’ll create a valuable new subscription product in the process.

Exams, practice questions, and reference books

Beyond updated guidelines, standards, best practices, and the latest news, the platform’s modular architecture can be customized for the specific needs of your content. So you can deliver certification and continuing education exams, including interactive practice tests and related reference books, all from a single platform.

Host and distribute any type of content

Well beyond documents, Literatum can host any type of content you have—including videos, podcasts, databases, and interactive HTML—and you can tag, personalize, bundle, market, and sell any content as easily as a document. Hosting multiple content types on the same platform also provides an SEO boost. You can even aggregate and cross-promote content from all of your websites—even content you license from third parties.

Legacy content, new websites

Page Builder, Literatum’s website design-and-build tool, lets you easily create new landing pages and microsites, populate them with topical content, and update them automatically as soon as new content is published. It’s another way that Literatum improves discoverability while giving you more opportunities to promote and cross-sell content and advance the visibility of your brand.

Literatum delivers training and exams for professional development and certification.
Literatum handles any publication type, including:

Literatum enabled us to consolidate all of our content—a key capability because our broad audience includes policymakers in government and health industry C-suite leaders.
— Christina Rudyj
Senior Digital Product Manager, Health Affairs

Built-in compliance

Literatum maintains a unified codebase, so all our customers benefit from SEO upgrades and ongoing changes to standards like HTTP2/HTTPS, WCAG, 508, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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