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Atypon technologies provide convenient and productive experiences for practitioners and researchers—and increase visits and brand recognition for you.

Atypon’s online publishing platform handles Blogs & Newsletters.

Analytics and business intelligence

Atypon Insights, Atypon’s analytics module designed specifically for publishers, shows you at a glance how your content is being used so your team can easily share metrics on performance and growth and continuously optimize your offerings.

Author services

With your content on Literatum, you can give your authors complimentary access to their publications and the ability to share an ePrint with colleagues. Authors can log in to view an author dashboard, which includes metrics on all articles published on the site. Metrics include download counts, citations in another publication, and article event histories such as moving from just accepted to ahead-of-print, or from ahead-of-print to final issue. And citation data from any source—and any publisher—is captured.

Brand management

Page Builder, Literatum’s easy-to-use UI and UX design tool, has your design conventions and branding built in, letting you maintain consistent, professional-looking layouts that enforce your brand’s look and feel, even if the content originates from multiple sources and takes a variety of formats.

Campaign management

Literatum’s campaign management tools, which support ads delivered in the Atypon eReader, let you create, suspend, and restart marketing campaigns as well as view all of the campaigns you are running, down to the price, packaging, and target audience for every live offer. A dashboard provides data to help you determine how to target your ads and shows you which ads have run previously and which are scheduled to run in the future.

Compliance with regulations and standards

We take care of compliance issues for you and build them directly into the platform and your websites. Literatum maintains a unified code base, so all of our customers benefit from SEO upgrades and the system changes we make to comply with standards like HTTP2/HTTPS, WCAG, 508, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Content as a service

Atypon’s Living Document technology can deliver updates whenever changes are made to existing standards or practice guidelines. Sell the service under a paid subscription for a new revenue stream.

Content delivery

Any change to your site can just as easily be rolled out to a single site, a group of sites, or all of your sites simultaneously. Build, launch, and update new products quickly. Publish thousands of articles a day and make the content available in minutes

Content management

The automation Literatum provides—from content validation to error correction—saves production managers and editors time and effort. The HTML we render is nearly perfect—intervention is rarely required. Embargoes never fail. You have access to your content 24/7. And we care about the details—like automatically sizing figures so that embedded type is legible on all devices.

Content types

Literatum can host any type of content you have—including videos, podcasts, magazines, databases, and interactive HTML—and the full functionality of the platform applies to all of them. Every content object is assigned a unique digital object identifier (DOI) so you can tag, personalize, bundle, market, and sell any content as easily as a document. You can even aggregate and cross-promote content from all of your websites as well as content you license from third parties. Hosting multiple content types on the same platform also provides an SEO boost.


Literatum searches across all content types simultaneously, and the consumer-grade interface lets readers quickly drill down to the right content without leaving the search results page. AI-driven recommendations surface related content, and tools like predictive search, session-based search histories, spelling correction, query suggestions, and acronym recognition make for a more convenient UX and more accurate results. Scitrus, Atypon’s personalized discovery service, uses AI to deliver a live custom feed to readers with the latest content in their specialty from across the web—giving publishers a valuable environment in which to promote their content.


Literatum’s built-in eCommerce module provides an intuitive and frictionless pathway from product discovery to purchase. It employs consumerized features found on successful shopping websites, including abandoned cart alerts, wish lists, and one-step checkout that remove barriers to a sale. Literatum can also be linked to any third-party eCommerce module.

Encoding standards

Literatum supports all industry content and metadata encoding standards, including NLM, JATS, BITS, and ONIX.

Language and alphabet support

Literatum hosts content in more than a dozen languages, and its support for the Unicode (UTF-8)  industry standard means it’s capable of supporting content in nearly any language using any alphabet, from Arabic and Cyrillic to Japanese and Chinese characters.

Librarian services

Atypon serves subscription-based content to nearly every academic library in the world. Literatum has won the trust of librarians with a reliable platform that reduces customer support calls and provides convenient functionality that every librarian needs:

  • COUNTER 5 reports generated directly from the platform
  • Easy-to-brand institutional websites
  • Entitlements tracking
  • Subscription management tools
  • Easy IP range management
Linked content files

Bidirectional linking maintains relationships between all versions of the same content. Accepted manuscripts, proofs, and errata remain linked to final versions. Summaries are associated with full articles. You can even establish links between articles that are topically similar.

New product creation

Accelerated product development tools let you rapidly package existing content to create new products, landing pages, and websites. Relevant content is automatically populated as soon as it’s uploaded, keeping your readers up to date. Literatum’s point-and-click product development interface lets you build an unlimited number of sales and subscription models for any type of product.

Preprint server

For academics, preprints are a way to disseminate the results of their research as soon as they are ready. And more and more technical documents are being published earlier in the standardization process to satisfy market demand for information while the official standards documents are updated. Literatum’s preprint server is easy to set up and houses any type of content on responsive, consumer-grade websites.

Product and offer management

Literatum’s built-in Product Information Manager lets you see  how all of your content is being packaged, priced, and sold. Armed with this insight, you can then analyze and optimize your online offers.

Repositories and resources

Literatum automatically deposits your content to all major repositories, including Crossref, CrossMark, Fundref, CCC, CLOCKSS/LOCKSS, Portico, PubMed (Medline), ISI, EBSCO, DeepDyve, SUMMON, JGATE, Ex Libris, Thomson Reuters, Scopus, and OCLC. Literatum can also host your supplemental data directly or integrate with Figshare. Support for Fundref, PRE, CHORUS, ORCID, Altmetric, Kudos, and DataCite is standard on the platform.

Responsive, consumer-grade websites

Literatum websites, constructed with UX 3.0, Atypon’s design-and-build system, have modern, intuitive interfaces and provide the personalized online experiences your readers expect. All Literatum websites are responsive and mobile-ready.

Sales and subscription models

Literatum offers an extensive set of native content license models and the ability to create new ones from any business model you devise. Experiment with new models, fine-tune existing ones, and easily change them in response to results and shifting business priorities—real-time agility that can mean increased sales.

Scientific notation support

Complex mathematical equations, chemistry formulas, computer code, and other discipline-specific notation systems are displayed accurately—not flattened into images. The platform fully supports MathML and MathJax.


Our SEO strategies are informed by meetings with Google, built into every Atypon website, and optimized regularly so readers can find your site easily. After they’ve arrived onsite, AI-driven search rankings help them find the content they need more quickly, and enhanced search tools like facets and filters drill down into those results and easily surface the content they need.

Semantic auto-tagging

Atypon’s award-winning auto-tagger applies semantic tags in real time, as your content is uploaded. Tags enhance onsite search and navigation and automate the creation of new topic-based products and microsites. They also let you target content, ads, and marketing offers to the most receptive visitors.

Targeted content, ads, and offers

Platform-based visitor tracking and analytics tell you about your visitors. Armed with this intel, Literatum’s behavioral marketing module tools let you tailor products to their needs and present them with the ads and content that will most interest them.

Tags and taxonomies

Topic tags can be applied to any type of content, including ads, sales and subscription models, and offers. Users themselves can be tagged to describe their identity and site behavior. Tagging fuels precision searches through filters and synonym matching, and automates the creation of topic-based products, content bundles, and websites. Taxonomies can comprise anything from a simple tag set with a few dozen categories to large public, custom, or third-party taxonomies.  



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