Active Publishing

A new paradigm in online publishing that drives readership, revenues, and impact

Action = Attraction


Visitors expect the same experience from scholarly and professional websites as they do from the consumer and social media sites they visit every day. Your readers’ and members’ expectations are driving a new paradigm in online publishing, one that replaces passive content publishing with active content marketing.

Powered by Literatum, Active Publishing means delivering dynamic, personalized web experiences that encourage repeat visits and establish a lasting relationship with your brand. It means delivering new and relevant content, targeted to the reader, through a frictionless user experience that attracts new readers and converts one-time site visitors into long-term subscribers.

Literatum replaces traditionally manual tasks with process automation and provides easy-to-use tools that enable editors and publishers to get more involved in attracting and engaging audiences.

Active Publishing strategies increase readership, revenues, impact, and enhance the value of your brand.

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