Atypon Ownership

Atypon ownership

In 2016, Atypon was acquired by Wiley, one of the world’s oldest and most successful publishers. We function as an independent business unit of Wiley, which is also an Atypon client.

At the time of acquisition, Wiley and Atypon retained IBM as a consultant to assist in establishing transparent practices and policies ensuring the security and integrity of all customer content and data. All Atypon offices operate under strict security and compliance regulations that prohibit the sharing of our customers’ data, content, or ideas with any other publisher, including Wiley. Wiley staff have no access to content, usage data, or other proprietary client information.

Atypon and Wiley’s compliance with these security and privacy practices were made subject to an audit in 2017 by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, an independent, trusted third party, which confirmed that we have the appropriate security infrastructure, protocols, and processes in place to protect our customers’ data and content from access by any third party, including Wiley. These results have been made available to Atypon clients.

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