Six New Publication Websites Launched in Q1 on Atypon’s Literatum Publishing Platform

May 17, 2018

Santa Clara, CA—May 17, 2018—Atypon launched six new publication websites in the first quarter of this year on Literatum, the scholarly publishing industry’s most widely used publishing platform. Of the six publishers, all who are among the most influential in their fields, four are new to Literatum: the Academy of Management (AOM), American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), and Wiley. Mary Ann Liebert (MAL), whose journals have been hosted on Literatum for 14 years, launched a completely redesigned website on the platform. The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery moved their five remaining journals to Literatum after initially launching a single open access (OA) journal on the platform in January 2017.   

All but MAL’s site were designed by the Atypon Design Studio, and all were built using UX 3.0, Atypon’s comprehensive new design language and implementation system. UX 3.0 follows internet best practices for search, eCommerce, authentication, and UX while significantly accelerating the development and implementation of publication websites. Its client-branded library of styles, components, and themes enable the rapid design and assembly of HTML page prototypes, eliminate the traditional, time-consuming process of wireframing, and allow designs to be reviewed and adjusted in real time to reduce design cycles.

All six publishers use PageBuilder, Literatum’s widget-based user experience (UX) design tool, to maintain their sites. With widgets that link directly to their content, PageBuilder gives non-technical users direct, real-time control of their site’s content, design, and branding.

“Literatum allows publishers to concentrate on their content and users rather than worry about technology, and UX 3.0 enables us to design, develop, and launch modern, consumerized publication websites for our clients more efficiently than ever before,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, Atypon’s founder and CEO. “It’s a privilege to have such prestigious publishers put their trust in Atypon.”

AOM, FASEB, ASCB, and the British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery moved a combined total of 21 journals—over 200,000 articles—to Literatum. Wiley migrated the Wiley Online Library, one of the world’s largest scholarly publication websites. Literatum now hosts 12,409 journals and 984 websites with 25.7 million articles—nearly 45% of all English-language scholarly journals’ content.

Our clients’ new websites:  AOM, ASCB, FASEB, Wiley, Mary Ann Liebert, the British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery.

About Atypon
Atypon develops software essential to the business of online publishing. Literatum, our publishing platform, is home to nearly 45% of the world’s English-language journals and is engineered to support Active Publishing, Atypon’s strategy for increasing readership, revenues, and impact through engaging research experiences that convert site visitors into customers. Our ongoing investment in Literatum’s development keeps publishers at the forefront of online technologies. Founded in 1996, we are headquartered in Silicon Valley, with 10 offices globally. In 2016, Atypon was acquired and now operates as an independent division of Wiley.

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