Atypon Readies Its Literatum Online Publishing Platform and Nearly 1,000 Client Websites for GDPR-Compliance Ahead of Deadline

June 21, 2018

Publisher-Configurable GDPR Implementations Can Be Tailored to Specific Business Requirements

Santa Clara, CA–June 21, 2018—Atypon’s online publishing platform, Literatum, and the nearly 1,000 websites it hosts became GDPR-compliant well ahead of the European Union’s May 25, 2018, deadline, enabling Atypon customers to meet GDPR requirements. Atypon’s implementation also gives publishers control of how most of those requirements are implemented on their sites.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enacted by the European Union to safeguard the personal data of all website users. They significantly enhance the security and privacy protections companies must provide for their customers. The regulations affect EU-based companies as well as companies outside of the European Union who do business, or have customers, within its borders.

As part of  the GDPR-compliant platform, Literatum provides publishers with special widgets that enable them to give readers the ability to manage their personal data. Publishers can also control and automate the amount of time they retain reader data.

“We began preparations for making Literatum GDPR-compliant over a year ago,” said Michael Goodman, Atypon’s Director of Information Security and Privacy, who oversaw the GDPR compliance initiative. “Our approach not only meets all of the regulations’ requirements, but it also gives readers a productive research experience and our customers the flexibility to do business as they see fit.”

Atypon has upgraded other Literatum security features to further protect customers’ content from misuse. Improved abuse monitoring and notifications, and flexible abuse mitigation strategies such as CAPTCHA, enhance protections against content theft. In addition, customers can refine Literatum’s bot-detection capabilities via configurable whitelists and blacklists, ensuring readers who have licenses to the content are able to access it.

A future Atypon GDPR-related system improvement—giving readers the option to download all of the data a publisher has collected about them—is aimed at reducing the help desk requests that publishers receive. In addition, planned systems integration capabilities will enable publishers to automatically sync their GDPR-compliant data, such as opt-outs, with third-party marketing systems.

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