Three cheers (and two awards) for Health Affairs!

September 29, 2022

We couldn’t be happier for our customer Health Affairs, which recently received not one but two awards for their outstanding work!

Health Affairs received the 2021 US Search Award for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically their COVID-19 resource center and a significant increase in both content (including journal articles, Forefront articles, and more) and user traffic. The success of the resource center project, developed in partnership with RocketMill, was built on the foundation of Atypon’s Literatum platform and on following search best practices, as well as the SEO best practices since implemented across the Health Affairs site.

They also received the Publishing Standard of Excellence Award for 2022 from the Web Marketing Association. Atypon has contributed to the work that led to this award through supporting design and development by the Health Affairs team and their vendors, ongoing training, ensuring QA and technical integrity of new changes and identifying those that may have wider implications across the Literatum site—and, of course, through the critical tasks involved in making sure the core site is stable, fully functional, and backed up so that the Health Affairs team can focus on the higher-level design and build work.

Congratulations to the Health Affairs team and everyone involved in the work that garnered these well-deserved awards!

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