Stepping out onto the road ahead:
The Atypon DC Community Meeting

October 18, 2022

We hosted the first ever in-person Atypon Community Meeting in Washington, DC, on September 8. After two years of fully remote meetings, getting together in the same room felt like a completely new experience, bringing a whole different energy to the conversations and a huge increase in engagement.

Gordon Tibbitts, General Manager at Atypon, welcomes attendees to the meetingOur 90+ community attendees, many local to the DC metro area, clearly enjoyed this opportunity to connect directly both with Atypon account managers and product managers and with one another. And on the Atypon side, the Community Meeting is an invaluable forum to listen to our customers and get direct feedback on how our solutions are helping to solve their problems.

This third edition of the Atypon Community Meeting took advantage of the in-person format to offer workshops, roundtable discussions, and time for informal networking as well as plenary sessions.

Why is knowledge important? The core of support for publishers' top priorities. Central hexagon reading "Knowledge from content and user" is surrounded by other hexagons: Enhance content discovery, Enable author-centric publishing, Modernize publisher operations, Content management & monetization, Audience management & monetization, and Research analytics.

Plenary sessions included a panel on leveraging artificial intelligence to create knowledge from content, featuring in-house AI expert Hong Zhou and speakers from the American Psychiatric Association and the Chinese Medical Association Publishing House. A trio of talks about successful efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within scientific societies featured speakers from the American Chemical Society, the American Society for Microbiology, and the American Urological Society, and an information-packed session explained the value of creating an interconnected ecosystem.

Workshops offered attendees a deep dive into Atypon’s Insights and Digital Objects solutions from their resp

ective product managers, and a set of roundtables hosted lively discussions on topics including accessibility, analytics, discovery, open access, and more.

Ahead of the Wiley Partner Solutions announcement at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, we also welcomed three colleagues from other Wiley Partner Solutions businesses to present mini case studies with mutual customers, showcasing the kinds of collaborative partnerships we expect to see more of in the future!

A group of people standing around talking at an outdoor reception. There are round green shrubs in the foreground and the outside walls of a building in the background.

The day wrapped up with an essential feature—the latest Literatum Roadmap update from Patrick Hargitt—followed by an outdoor reception.

Log in with your Literatum credentials to view (or review) the presenters’ slides! You’ll also find video from pre-recorded presentations at the same link.


Over a view of the Washington marina, a speech bubble reads "let's keep talking!"

While the meeting organizers work hard to make our community events engaging and informative, it’s the participants who really make the difference! A big Atypon Community thank-you to all our panelists, roundtable hosts, workshop presenters, and participants for a fantastic day!

If you attended the Atypon DC Community Meeting and have comments or feedback for us, send us an email!

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