Move beyond digitizing print to delivering live, interactive content with Atypon eReader

January 23, 2023

Are you looking for ways to engage your readers and provide an interactive reading experience? Look no further than the Atypon eReader! Available to scholarly publishers on the Literatum platform, the Atypon eReader incorporates interactive HTML elements, rich media, video, smart tables, and more, so you can set your content offering apart and enhance data to support the mission of reproducible science.

Why an eReader?

The Atypon eReader offers multiple benefits for both publishers and readers over a static PDF.

Accessibility: Using our new AXEL technology, the eReader automatically generates semantically enriched EPUB files—the web standard for accessible digital publications—to make your content fully accessible and more valuable to your readers. Delivering accessible HTML for full-text article pages, tables of contents, search results, and more, the eReader makes your content 98% accessible (WCAG 2.1, level AA).

More usage, less piracy: By prioritizing the user experience and keeping readers on your site, using eReader transforms your site from a PDF download store to an online destination, capturing better data on readership and engagement. The Atypon eReader also lets you implement digital rights management tools to control downloads and provides easy, convenient content-sharing strategies to curb unlicensed usage and content piracy.

Access and advertising: You can create and run advertising campaigns that display on the pages of publications opened in the eReader (much like the full-page ads in a print magazine), expanding your revenue-generating opportunities. The eReader also allows you to provide limited access to publications of your choice via Trial licenses.

An immersive reading experience anywhere: There’s no software to download; instead, the eReader opens straight from your website, streaming content to an intuitive user interface. Content also loads more quickly, especially for larger PDFs: the first or most recently visited pages open for viewing first, while the remaining content is downloading behind the scenes. Downloaded pages are cached to speed up access next time.

In addition to the accessibility benefits we’ve already mentioned, multiple reading layouts and mobile-first design make for easier reading, along with enhanced navigation features such as persistent ToCs, page navigation, and progress syncing across devices. Readers can add content to their Reader Library for offline access, organize it in ways that work for them, and take advantage of convenient sharing options. And, of course, full PDF downloads are still available for anyone who wants them!

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