Active Publishing: A new strategy for online publishers

A paradigm shift that helps publishers engage with their readers more than ever before.

Active Publishing propels publishers beyond content delivery.

Shift the paradigm. Change your strategy. Engage your readers.

Powered by Literatum, Atypon’s online publishing platform, Active Publishing shifts the paradigm to a new era of professional and research publishing:

Powered by Literatum

What is Active Publishing?

Every day there’s more for readers to click and tap—more content competing for their attention. Old content delivery models are no longer enough to succeed: to foster engagement, publishers need to shift from passively distributing content to actively marketing it. Active Publishing gives your team the tools to make that happen.

Active Publishing and Literatum

Literatum is engineered for Active Publishing. Anyone on your staff can leverage the platform’s key functionalities to actively increase your readership, drive new revenue, and raise the visibility of your brand.

Active Publishing strategies powered by Literatum include:

  • Delivering personalized content and targeted advertising in real time
  • Creating new products and microsites quickly and easily
  • Updating not just content but also your site’s UI and UX
  • Finding new ways to monetize content with limitless sales and subscription models
  • Providing a frictionless eCommerce experience for visitors that increases sales and revenues

Put an end to “download and go”

Active Publishing is a content marketing strategy that delivers more immersive and personalized experiences to everyone who visits your website. It enhances your digital brand, makes your website a destination, not a stopover, and keeps readers on your site longer.

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