Research & Development

Atypon invests in technology that helps professionals, practitioners and researchers know more, do more, and achieve more. Artificial intelligence is one path to those goals, and it’s been the basis of much of our R&D for the past decade.

Making your content easier to find

We focus on the branches of AI that help make content more easily and quickly discoverable, as well as easier to monetize. Critical to that capability is understanding what users are looking for before they begin a search.

For example, search augmentation tactics can personalize discovery by gauging a user’s interests and then returning search results ranked by relevance. And our work with recommender systems is refining the accuracy with which Literatum, Atypon’s online publishing platform, targets content to specific users by analyzing their online behavior and interests.

Predicting the future

AI enables your readers to ask questions and get relevant, meaningful answers rather than searching by keyword. By identifying connections between publications’ attributes, one of our AI algorithms can predict trending topics, and even identify which authors and institutions are becoming more influential.

And it improves content recommendations—onsite or offsite. Scitrus, Atypon’s personalized content discovery application, notifies your customers about new content that will interest them in a beautiful, magazine-like layout, keeping professionals up to date on the most relevant news and research in their fields.

We know what you mean

Atypon’s previous investments in machine learning, natural language processing, and entity recognition have contributed to award-winning semantic technologies. Our auto-tagger enables Literatum to dynamically populate topic-specific web pages with relevant content; our Automatic Topic Modeling engine powers highly accurate content recommendations on Literatum websites that update every time new content is uploaded.

R&D at Atypon is driven in part by our customers’ needs and input, and its results are integrated into our solutions for the benefit of all of our customers.

Atypon’s AI-driven auto-tagger has won awards in the international BioASQ challenge every year since 2013, making it a world leader in fast, accurate content tagging.
Atypon’s significant, ongoing investment in product development and the company’s long history of shaping publishing technology were important factors in our decision to move all of our content to Literatum. — Peter Richardson Managing Director, Bone & Joint Publishing

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