Enterprise access management and eCommerce for publishers

A modular, integrated suite of tools

RightSuite is a modular enterprise software solution for identity management, access control, content monetization, product creation, offer and subscription management, and billing.

Its modules can be licensed either as server applications or as a hosted service, and its API enables seamless integration with other software or custom interfaces.

A suite of tools for sales and marketing

RightSuite helps you increase revenue, improve customer retention, bring more products to market faster, and add value to your existing content assets by giving your sales and marketing teams the tools to attract readers and lengthen website visits. and retain customers.

It allows your organization to experiment with various sales and subscription models so you can optimize new product development and offers and promotions.

RightSuite lets you offer your customers:

  • Self-managed accounts.
  • Payment by credit card, debit card, EFT, or check.
  • View charges and update demographic and billing information in real time.

For technical support, please email us at:  [email protected].

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