Marketing & advertising

Target content, ads, and offers to visitors based on their identity and site behavior—whether or not they are registered users.

Marketing that speaks to each visitor

If you build it, they will come—but only if they know it’s there.

Literatum websites get attention. The platform can track and store a visitor’s characteristics—like their affiliation and location—and their behavior, including the content they access, the site they came from, and the marketing campaign they responded to. This lets you calibrate personalized marketing offers with surprising granularity. And Literatum’s user-tracking functionality is natively compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulations, or GDPR.

Literatum’s marketing module is designed for brand differentiation and loyalty.

The right products for the right readers

Define and package new products from existing content, then promote them to the right readers in real time. Auto-populate any web page with new, topical content. You can even tailor your site’s UI to subsets of users.

For offsite marketing, custom SendGrid email templates promote your content to users who meet the specific profile or site behavior criteria that you set.

  • Sophisticated behavioral marketing algorithms
  • Targeted content recommendations
  • Personally tailored promotions
  • Automated onsite and offsite/email promotions
  • Integration with SendGrid
  • Rapid new product creation
  • Auto-populated web pages and microsites

Advertising that’s dynamically targeted

Target ads to visitors in real time—drag-and-drop widgets make it easy to add advertising to your site and even specify when and how ads appear and who sees them. Advertisements can be added to email alerts as well. Combined with an unlimited array of sales and subscription models, targeted ads are a powerful way to increase reader engagement and revenues.

You can use Literatum’s built-in ad server, or we can integrate your third-party system. Literatum provides comprehensive reporting on ad impressions and click-through rates to conversions.

Literatum provides the flexibility to enhance the brands of our publishing partners. — John Haynes Chief Executive Officer, AIP Publishing

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