Identity & access management

Literatum comes with a large set of standard options for personal, corporate, and institutional user access, as well as flexible and powerful tools to implement unlimited sales and subscription models.

Simple and sophisticated

How hard is it for users to access their personal, corporate, or institutional subscriptions on your site? The experience readers have accessing your content is as important as the experience they have reading it. Frustration with access technologies can lead users to give up and seek competing content, including from illegitimate sources.

Smooth and secure

Literatum supports a streamlined login and registration workflow for individual users through Atypon’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform, CONNECT. This includes:

  • A modern user interface
  • Social logins: Enable users to log in using Google, ORCID, Microsoft, Apple, and Twitter credentials
  • Single sign-on: Use CONNECT as the Identity Provider for all of your sites, including sites hosted by other vendors, to provide users with a single login across them all
  • Combining personal and institutional access: Enable users to access their institutional entitlements by linking their profile with an institution
Learn more about Atypon CONNECT

Integration with external Identity Providers

Literatum also supports single sign-on (SSO) with external identity management systems using standard SSO protocols such as SAML and OpenID Connect, as well as with publishers’ custom SSO systems.

IP authentication

IP authentication and proxy access has long been the standard for controlling content access at libraries and universities. Literatum supports IP authentication and proxy access for institutional users and integrates with Cloudflare’s powerful Bot Management functionality to mitigate the risks associated with it. Furthermore, the overhead of manual IP range management is minimized by the option to integrate with the PSI IP Registry.

“Off-campus” access

IP authentication requires access to a library’s or institution’s network. For many users around the world, that is not always easily achieved, as the Covid-19 pandemic has exemplified. For scholarly and professional publishers, Literatum supports federated access via Shibboleth and OpenAthens, as well as Google CASA, so that users can access their institution’s content even when they’re off-site.

Atypon CONNECT makes it even easier for users to access their institutional subscriptions by enabling them to link their profile with their institution. This functionality is provided out of the box when CONNECT is used as the Identity Provider.

Unlimited sales and subscription models

Literatum offers not only an extensive set of license models out of the box, but also the ability to create new ones from any business model you devise—agility that leads to increased sales. Unlimited sales and subscription models include:

  • Pay-per-view and prepaid access
  • Patron-driven acquisition
  • Time-limited subscriptions
  • Metered model (“soft paywall”)
  • Limited concurrent access
  • Open Access
  • Targeted Free Access for select content or users
  • Controlled content sharing
  • Promotional codes (token-based access)
  • Your own custom models

New revenue streams

Sell access to entirely new products made from existing content, such as collections of the year’s most popular articles. Upsell premium products and content updates, or license content to individuals that was previously available only through a library or corporate subscription.

Easy-to-manage access control

Literatum makes it easy to set up and test sales and subscription models to determine which ones deliver on your sales goals. Best of all, experimenting doesn’t require a developer or incur any added cost.

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