Content hosting & delivery

Host all of your content and websites on Literatum.
Our security and uptime are unrivaled.

Any content type, full functionality

Host everything from books and blogs to videos, databases, and training courses on a single platform—and manage, package, search, market, and sell them all. We use an industry-leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), which ensures fast delivery of large multimedia files like videos and interactive applications to users anywhere in the world. And because Google rewards sites with diverse content types, you’ll even get an SEO boost.

Real-time updates, 24/7

Smart drag-and-drop widgets link your content and data to your website’s interface, enabling real-time updates of your website. Upload content and manage it 24/7. Update a single site, a group of sites, or all of your sites simultaneously. Index, tag, correct, delete, stage, embargo, and publish content quickly and easily.

One platform. All of your content, publications, and websites.

Automated and secure

Much of the management and processing of your content can be automated. Validation reporting allows files to be conveniently batched—and corrected and re-uploaded where necessary. You can even assign access rights and establish editorial workflows upon upload. And all our clients benefit from Literatum’s proven stability and financial-grade security.

Content orchestration

No matter how complex your content workflows, Literatum gives you full control throughout the content lifecycle:

  • Stage it for review
  • Schedule when it goes live
  • Deposit it to third parties automatically triggered upon publication
  • Track it through built-in versioning and processing histories
  • Manage metadata extraction and indexing automatically
  • Link references and citations to global content databases
  • Post content to Google, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo to ensure it’s optimally crawled

Content expertise

You are directly supported by a team of content engineers and solution architects who manage mass content migrations and upgrades—the same content workflow experts who present regularly at XML conferences and sit on governing boards for publishing industry standards.

The ability to schedule content to publish automatically is a great time saver. Literatum has increased productivity by 25%. — Paul Guinnessy Manager of Digital Assets, AIP Publishing/Physics Today

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