The American Physiological Society and Health Affairs Both Moving to Atypon’s Literatum Online Publishing Platform

January 10, 2017

January 10, 2017, Santa Clara, CA — Atypon, makers of Literatum, the professional and scholarly publishing industry’s most technologically advanced and widely used online publishing platform, has signed multi-year agreements with two leading publishers, the American Physiological Society (APS) and Health Affairs.

APS will house 13 journals, including the seven titles of the American Journal of Physiology, on Literatum starting in 2018. Health Affairs journal and its award-winning blog, podcast series, policy briefs, and videos will be hosted on Literatum starting in 2017. Their content currently resides on two separate platforms.

“We see Atypon as a strategic partner that will advance our mission of disseminating the best research published in physiology, as they continue to advance the state of the art in publishing technology,” said Rita Scheman, APS Director of Publications and Executive Editor. “This is an exciting transition for us, and for our authors, subscribers, and researchers.”

Both publishers will benefit from Literatum’s ability to create productive, personalized user experiences that allow them to connect with individual visitors and deepen their relationships with subscribers. From improved SEO that drives website traffic to enhanced onsite discovery and content tailored to each visitor, Literatum is engineered to support Active Publishing, Atypon’s strategy for broadening readership, increasing revenues, and elevating a publisher’s brand.

“In addition to Literatum’s broad native feature set, we were especially impressed with the ability of the platform to support our wide range of content—all with the same level of functionality. We are eager to reap the benefits of integrated search, content bundling, and marketing at this time of tremendous change in US health policy,” said Jane Hiebert-White, Executive Publisher, Health Affairs.

Literatum’s native support for any content type gives publishers a significant SEO boost, facilitates cross-selling and upselling, and makes it easy for publishing staff to create new combined product offerings and automate their promotion.

“Authoritative content is no longer enough to attract and retain readers, and grab-and-go PDF visitors don’t support sustainable business models,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, founder and CEO of Atypon. “It’s how visitors experience your content that determines its long-term value.”

Literatum provides all of the technologies for delivering, marketing, and monetizing content to convert visitors to subscribers.

Atypon added 7 new clients in 2016, representing over 2,400 journals and 10 million articles.

About Atypon
Atypon develops software essential to the business of online publishing. Literatum, our publishing platform, provides easy-to-use tools and automated technologies that free publishers to focus on content—not technology—putting them in control of the presentation, marketing, and monetization of their online publications. Literatum is home to over 24 million articles and 10,700 journals for over 1,400 societies and publishers. Our customers include Elsevier, The New England Journal of Medicine, the University of Chicago Press, and SAGE.

About The American Physiological Society
The American Physiological Society (APS) is a nonprofit devoted to fostering education, scientific research and dissemination of information in the physiological sciences. The Society was founded in 1887 with 28 members. APS currently has more than 10,500 members who hold doctoral degrees in physiology and/or medicine and related disciplines.  APS publishes 15 distinguished peer-reviewed scientific journals covering the entire spectrum of physiology from the cellular and molecular to the organ and systems levels. The American Journal of Physiology has been published continuously since 1898.

About Health Affairs
Health Affairs is the leading peer-reviewed journal at the intersection of health, health care, and policy. Published since 1981 by the nonprofit Project HOPE, the monthly journal ranks #1 in Impact Factor in two categories. Health Affairs also publishes the widely read Health Affairs Blog, Health Policy Briefs, and other high-impact policy content.

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