The Academy of Management Will Migrate All of their Journals to Atypon’s Literatum Online Publishing Platform

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June 20, 2017

Briarcliff Manor, NY and Santa Clara, CA—June 20, 2017—The Academy of Management (AOM), the preeminent global professional association for management and organization scholars, announces the selection of Atypon, the largest technology company in the scholarly publishing industry, to host all Academy of Management journals content on the Literatum online publishing platform. In addition to articles, AOM content includes multimedia capabilities and conference proceedings.

Since their flagship journal launch in 1958, the Academy of Management publications have been an invaluable resource to members, authors and editors, institutional library customers and the many diverse audiences they serve. The Academy’s six journals—Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Perspectives, Academy of Management Learning and Education, Academy of Management Annals, and Academy of Management Discoverieswill be launching on the Literatum platform in late spring, 2018.

“We look forward to migrating the AOM journals to Atypon,” said John Pescatore, the Academy of Management’s Director of Publications. “The platform’s flexibility and reliability, and Atypon’s commitment to innovative, easy-to-use software will help the Academy better serve the needs of our members and extensive readership well into the future.”

Atypon’s software development philosophy prioritizes scalability, straightforward tools, and automation features that give publishers direct control of their content without requiring additional staff. Its consumerized websites are designed to keep readers engaged.

“Literatum gives publishers and societies in all disciplines the ability to remain central to the research experience,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, Atypon’s founder and CEO. “It’s an honor to welcome the Academy of Management to the community of Literatum publishers and to host their prestigious business-focused publications.”

About The Academy of Management
The Academy of Management is the preeminent professional association for management and organization scholars. Our worldwide members are professors and Ph.D. students in business schools at universities, academics in related social science and other fields, and practitioners who value knowledge creation and application. Founded in 1936, our global community today is nearly 20,000 strong, spanning more than 120 countries.

About Atypon
Atypon develops software essential to the business of online publishing. Literatum, our publishing platform, provides easy-to-use tools and automated technologies that free publishers to focus on content—not technology—putting them in control of the presentation, marketing, and sale of their online publications. Literatum is engineered for Active Publishing, Atypon’s strategy for increasing readership, revenues, and impact by providing engaging, personalized reading experiences that convert website visitors into subscribers. Websites powered by Literatum feature major advancements in consumerized user interfaces, user experience design, and eCommerce journeys, as well as universal support for any digital content or publication type.

Atypon’s customers include Elsevier, The New England Journal of Medicine, the American Chemical Society, the University of Chicago Press, and SAGE. Founded in 1996, we are headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York City, Europe, and the Middle East.

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