CABI calls out Atypon and Literatum in post on Research Information

May 24, 2024
Research Information | Enhancing Accessibility and Efficiency in Research

Kelly Snell explains why CABI saw an opportunity to better serve users by creating its own platform.

From the post

“In 2022, we launched an ambitious project to redefine how our users interact with our content. Our vision was to create a unified hub for our life sciences content on our new platform, CABI Digital Library, to support all of our users around the world. Hosted on Atypon’s award-winning Literatum platform, CABI Digital Library now houses over 15 million abstract records, books, case studies, dynamically updated datasheets and research articles. This marked the first-ever collaboration between Atypon and a publisher to host so many different content types across one platform, a significant milestone.”

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