Atypon Becomes Newest Member of Coalition for Web-based Scholarly Knowledge Sharing

January 20, 2016

Atypon has been invited to join “Annotating All Knowledge,” a coalition that includes some of the world’s key scholarly publishers, software platforms, libraries, and technology organizations.

The coalition’s goal is to link the research of all scholarly publishers and allow scholars and researchers to comment on and communicate about it by building an open-source annotation layer into the fabric of the web itself. When implemented, the technology would transform scholarship by fostering a level of collaboration among colleagues that is today difficult to achieve.

Literatum, Atypon’s online publishing platform, is home to the content of over 200 scholarly and professional publishers—including nearly 8,000 journals and 13 million articles. The volume of content it hosts, together with its content discovery and delivery modules, make Atypon a natural fit for the coalition, whose prestigious membership includes a working group of the W3C, the organization that sets the standards for the World Wide Web.

“Our team comprises some of the most talented software developers and technology innovators in the field of scholarly content management and delivery,” said Jonathan Hevenstone, Atypon’s senior vice president for business development. “We’re looking forward to sharing Atypon’s collective expertise with Annotating All Knowledge in pursuit of making collaboration among scholars worldwide a reality.”

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