Who We Are

Atypon delivers innovative solutions that revolutionize the way publishers and media organizations do business.

Our Vision

Keeping online publishers at the forefront of new technology.

Atypon develops software essential to the business of online publishing. Literatum, our publishing platform, is home to more than 40% of the world’s English-language scholarly and professional journals.

Literatum puts publishers in control of the presentation, marketing, and sale of their online publications, with easy-to-use tools for creating new products, testing sales and subscription models, and regularly refreshing a website’s look and feel. The platform’s automation features free editorial and business staff to focus on content, not technology.

Literatum is engineered for Active Publishing, Atypon’s strategy for expanding readership, increasing revenues, and elevating a brand’s industry impact. Modern, easy-to-navigate publication websites

with user-specific content targeting provide engaging and productive reading experiences that extend site visits and convert visitors into subscribers.

Atypon’s continuous investment in Literatum’s development keeps publishers at the forefront of new technologies, and our commitment to scalable software design results in a platform that not only drives business growth but easily accommodates it—without requiring additional staff.

Atypon’s customers include Elsevier, The New England Journal of Medicine, the American Chemical Society, the University of Chicago Press, and SAGE. Founded in 1996, we are headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York City, Europe, and the Middle East.