Who We Are

Atypon delivers innovative solutions that revolutionize the way publishers and media organizations do business.

Our Vision

Deliver advanced capabilities to ensure that publishers are best
positioned to thrive in an ever-changing publishing landscape.

Effective content delivery, discovery, and monetization strategies are critical to the business of online publishing.¬†Atypon’s products give publishers advanced capabilities to ensure that they’re best positioned to thrive in an ever changing publishing landscape. This begins with a “business users first” mentality that allows publishers to make substantial changes to their website and digital business in real-time. Freed from the constraints of having to go through an IT department and write code,

business users can make changes in minutes that would otherwise require hours, days, or even weeks of expensive software development to complete. Maximize your content’s monetization potential by employing a variety of licensing models including institutional and individual subscriptions, concurrency-limited access, pay-as-you-go, and metered access. Advanced offer management allows you to create new products with ease and employ differential pricing based on the customer’s identity and history.