Deliver experiences, not documents

Atypon’s in-browser eReader is the industry’s first eReader to support both books and journals. It is a fully integrated feature of Literatum.

Take back your eBook readers and revenues.

The Atypon eReader gives visitors an intuitive, productive research experience that keeps them on your website, enabling you to forge lasting connections with your readers directly rather than rely on channel partners like Amazon and Google.

Atypon’s EPUB eReader, built on open-source Readium technology, gives publishers a web-native content strategy for turning their websites into online destinations.

The Atypon eReader gives publishers what they need:

  • An EPUB-first, long-term publishing strategy
  • Real-time upsells for converting readers to customers
  • Mobile-first design
  • Lightweight, secure DRM for mobile
  • Content-sharing strategies that restrict illegal distribution
  • Increased direct revenue
  • New ways to monetize books and journals
  • Analytics on how readers interact with your content
  • An SEO boost from hosting books and journals on the same platform

The Atypon eReader gives readers what they want:

  • The same hassle-free experience online or off
  • Immediate click-and-read access to content
  • Reading progress that syncs across devices
  • Content streaming in place of time-consuming downloads
  • Persistent access to online content in place of downloading files
  • Full-document preview and browse
  • Annotation, collaboration, and moderated discussions
  • Shareable personal bookshelves and group libraries
  • Compatibility with iBook, Kobo, and Kindle

Say goodbye to PDF. Say hello to EPUB.

Literatum automatically converts PDFs and XML files to EPUB for display in the eReader. By reducing PDF downloads, the Atypon eReader helps curb piracy and unlicensed content usage while encouraging content sharing.

Atypon eReader screen shot
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