Atypon Insights

Actionable business intelligence

Atypon Insights, Literatum’s new business intelligence module, significantly extends the platform’s native reporting capabilities and is even powerful enough to replace other analytics tools. But unlike broader analytics packages designed for use in any industry, Atypon Insights combines publisher-specific content usage data with information on reader site behavior to uncover trends, threats, and opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to identify.

Atypon Insights gives publishers direct control of their analytics reporting and business intelligence. An easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface lets non-technical users build remarkably granular reports that can be constructed from scratch and distributed to others from within the platform. Familiar, easy-to-interpret visualizations like chord diagrams and heat maps aid in the analysis of complex data that inform business decisions on pricing, resource allocation, sales strategy, and content abuse mitigation. Read the case study and step-by-step guide to learn more.

Publishers can use the business intelligence surfaced by AI for A/B testing, targeted content marketing, determining new subscription and business models, cost per download calculations, and informing website changes that create a more engaging user experience—and yield a greater ROI.

Atypon Insights’ plug-and-play API links easily to other systems (such as CRM or billing), so data can be easily imported into AI and quickly combined with Literatum usage data for exploration and validation in a single, centralized interface.

And because Atypon Insights is already tightly integrated into Literatum, it requires no additional setup or servers. Atypon’s massive storage capacity preserves all website data for 24 months, enabling comparisons against long-term historical trends.