Web-based eReader

Keep visitors on your site with the immersive reading experiences and collaboration tools that practitioners expect.

Deliver experiences, not documents.

Publications are more than just text

To engage readers, you have to give them more than static documents to read offline. The Atypon eReader, a fully integrated feature of Literatum, provides an interactive reading experience that keeps visitors on your site so you can forge strong, direct relationships with them.

The power of a professional-grade product

With Atypon’s Readium-based eReader, there’s no software or content to download. It opens immediately from within your website, streaming content in an intuitive user interface. Rich HTML replaces PDFs that are merely copies of print publications. Enhanced navigation such as persistent TOCs and progress bars, a personal library, and convenient social reading options offer digital natives the convenience they need to be productive.

Engagement is the enemy of piracy

Readers get a 360-degree view of content and its impact among academics and practitioners—a new way of interacting with and evaluating content for a faster, more comprehensive way to stay up to date in their field.

And by curtailing PDF downloads and providing convenient content-sharing strategies, the Atypon eReader helps curb content piracy and unlicensed usage. By prioritizing the user experience and keeping readers on your site, the eReader turns publication websites from download stores into destinations.

Convert your files to EPUB—automatically

EPUB is the web standard for digital publications—the same standard used by iBook, Kobo, and Kindle. Atypon automatically converts your PDF to fixed-layout EPUBs and your XML files into reflowable, industry-standard EPUBs for display in the eReader.

Atypon is moving publishers beyond merely digitizing print to delivering live, interactive content.

Our technologies are designed specifically for publishers.

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