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Authoring reproducible research

Manuscripts is an easy-to-use authoring tool that lets users attach, execute, and interact with the code and data behind their research, making it ideal for academic and professional content of all kinds.

Built-in journal templates reduce your publication costs

Manuscripts can integrate any publisher’s custom template so authors can submit their papers in the proper format, saving time and effort.

All the features researchers need …

Citations can be automatically inserted and formatted in over 8,000 styles. Figures, tables, equations, and cross-references can be created quickly and easily. Blockchain-backed versioning establishes a complete, verifiable revision trail.

… and none that they don’t

Other authoring tools like Microsoft Word are laden with features, but are missing the functionalities that are critical to researchers. The intuitive, easy-to-use Manuscripts interface isn’t cluttered with unnecessary features and instead gives authors exactly the tools they need to do their work, online or off.

Direct submission

Your authors can easily submit their manuscript to you with a single click, making the submission process faster.

Works with existing content

Manuscripts can import and export multiple document formats, including Markdown, MS Word, PDF, JATS, and LaTeX.

Free and open

We are committed to making scientific research faster and easier and helping researchers be successful. Manuscripts is free for authors and Open Source.


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