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Improvements & New Features

Improvements & New Features

The most recent of Literatum’s three scheduled releases for 2016 includes:

  • Support for universal content types
  • Upgraded, streamlined eCommerce
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Support for JATS 1.1 (XML)

Universal Content Types

Literatum can now treat any type of content or media—including blogs, news articles, videos, images, and interactive visualizations—the same way it handles more common content types. Any content type can be assigned a DOI and tagged, searched, packaged, targeted, promoted, bundled, and sold as easily as traditional content types like journal articles and book chapters. A new Page Builder widget is used to customize the appearance and function of each “digital object,” or piece of content.


In keeping with Atypon’s move toward user interface and user experience consumerization, the new, streamlined eCommerce interface includes a universal shopping cart so that subscriptions, pay-per-view options, and both print and electronic content can now all be purchased from the same location. Unpurchased items are automatically saved until the purchaser next logs in.

Registered users are also sent automated product recommendations, acquisition histories, and abandoned cart alerts. Users can also purchase content and products from websites hosted elsewhere.


Literatum now supports CHORUS, allowing publishers to easily comply with federal mandates to make publicly funded research available for free. Literatum also provides special flexible configuration controls for version access, embargo period, default licensing, and agency support, as well as automation tools for CrossRef deposits.


Support for two-factor authentication (2FA) offers an added layer of security for publishers who choose to activate the feature. Upon logging in, visitors are prompted to enter a confirmation code that is sent to a device like a cell phone the user has previously associated with their account.


Literatum now supports JATS 1.1, the latest version of the XML standard for scholarly publishers.