MA Healthcare Inks New Sales Partner for Nursing and Medical Education Journals

May 18, 2015

Mark Allen Group’s MA Healthcare announces a new sales partner for Nursing and Medical Education Journals hosted on Atypon’s Literatum Platform.  MA Healthcare joins a select group of publishers in as part of a new offering from EBSCO.  Long known as both a subscription agency and a database vendor, EBSCO has pooled the resources from both areas and now offers selected publishers truly expanded worldwide sales and marketing efforts as part of a new program.

MA Healthcare publishes 29 peer-reviewed journals for healthcare professionals working in nursing, midwifery, hospital and emergency medicine, allied health, health economics and animal health. Its renowned nursing e-collection, Internurse, includes content from 18 journals covering all areas of specialist nursing. MA Healthcare’s content is available on its e-journal platform,, powered by Atypon’s Literatum platform.

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