Informit Announces Partnership With Atypon to Reimagine its Platform

September 12, 2019

As the leading platform provider for online scholarly and professional publishers for nearly 25 years, Atypon has an innate understanding of the technology required to power successful online publishing businesses.

With the platform upgrade in progress, Informit is entering a new phase with its users set to benefit from advances in technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will allow Informit to more effectively service its increasingly tech-savvy market.

Atypon is at the forefront of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in online publishing through its digital publishing platform, Literatum. The platform uses machine learning to enable faster, more accurate search results, and provide predictive search, which anticipates what users are looking for and personalises content recommendations based on their search history and behavioural patterns.

Extensive market research is informing the design of the platform upgrade, and the new technological advancements will allow Informit to address common customer pain points with its current system.

Michael Tully, Director of Enterprise and Innovation, commented on the Atypon partnership. “We’re excited about the opportunities this will open up for Informit and our customers. The new Informit platform will service an enhanced user experience and provide significant improvements, allowing us to pursue new products and services.”

Atypon’s General Manager, Marty Picco, said, “We’re passionate about using technology to further the distribution of knowledge, so we are well aligned with Informit’s vision of bringing a brand new, more productive online experience to their customers and partners.”

Customers will enjoy improved content search and filter capabilities, a more intuitive experience and access to a wider variety of content with the addition of over 20,000 new resources from 2019.

We look forward to facilitating the needs our customers for the next 30 years and beyond using the latest technologies designed to support continuous improvement of our products and services.

For more information about Informit’s platform upgrade, visit our project news page or to start searching visit,

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