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October 26, 2018

Atypon is now offering customers on its Literatum platform full integration with theIPregistry.orgto solve the problems caused by inefficiencies and inaccuracies within the process of managing, updating and communicating IP address changes.

TheIPregistry.orgis a single repository, pre-populated with data for over 60,000 content licensing organisations worldwide. The original data within was the result of a 4 year audit and clean-up of the data held by over 150 publishers. The results of this audit highlighted that 58% of the data held by publishers at that time was incorrect. TheIPregistry.orghas now been live for 18 months and during that time has accepted an average of 800 IP updates each month. Each of these updates is checked and verified by the IP registry team in order to maintain the integrity of the registry. Approximately 20% of the updates received contain some form of error, demonstrating the importance of the checking and verifying process. TheIPregistry.orgis the only IP registry that checks and verifies IP addresses to eliminate the errors that commonly occur. There are now over 1.5 billion verified IP addresses held within

Through this integration, Atypon is making it even easier for customers to take advantage of benefits such as: saving time and streamlining processes; improving the accuracy of usage metrics; accessing standard naming and PSI org IDs for over 60,000 content licensing organisations; use of APIs to further reduce the chance of introducing errors due to manual entry; and ensuring that the right content is made available to the right customers.

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PSI is the developer of, and the Due Diligence Bureau. For further information about PSI please see

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