Atypon Launches Edinburgh University Press’ New Responsive Website

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June 29, 2016

Atypon’s Responsive Site Design Includes Specialized Open Access Tools

SANTA CLARA, CA— June 29, 2016— Edinburgh University Press (EUP) relaunched its publication website in May on Literatum, Atypon’s online publishing platform. EUP’s 40 journals have been hosted by Atypon since 2008.

The new, fully responsive site was constructed using Page Builder, Literatum’s widget-based user experience (UX) design tool that allows publishers to manage their websites’ interface and content, and easily create new journals, landing pages, and microsites.

Page Builder’s responsive design widgets enforce Atypon’s UX 3.0, a set of principles for designing and developing personalized, consumerized websites that actively attract new users and encourage their frequent return.

“We are thrilled with the responsive architecture of our newly relaunched website,” said Sarah McDonald, Head of Journals at EUP. “Our readers will now have the same satisfying reading experience no matter what device they use to access EUP content.”

A special open access (OA) browse tool leverages Literatum’s powerful onsite discovery engine. By filtering out all non-OA content from search results, it promotes the use and visibility of OA journals. A new intuitive interface and streamlined navigation reduce the number of clicks needed for readers to reach their desired content.

“We value our long relationship with EUP and are excited to see the principles of UX 3.0 at work on their new website,” said Georgios Papadopoulos, Atypon’s founder and CEO. “The new modern design and architecture are meant to both improve their readers’ experience on the site and increase the reach and strength of EUP’s brand.”

For the new launch, Atypon worked closely with EUP’s design firm to create a site tailored specifically to every mobile device’s size, shape, and screen orientation. Atypon’s in-house team also offers end-to-end website design and development services.



About Atypon
Atypon develops software essential to the business of online publishing. Literatum, its online publishing platform, provides a unique combination of easy-to-use tools and automated technologies for putting publishers in direct control of the management, marketing, and sale of their online publications. Literatum websites enable publishers to construct Active Publishing websites that regularly deliver targeted content, custom products, and relevant offers to its readers. It is home to more than one-third of the world’s English-language professional and scholarly journals—more content and websites than any other technology company.

Atypon’s customers include Elsevier, the American Chemical Society, Taylor & Francis, the New England Journal of Medicine, and SAGE. Founded in 1996, Atypon is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in New York City, Alabama, the UK, Jordan, and Greece.

About Edinburgh University Press
With over 40 journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Edinburgh University Press is one of the leading university presses in the UK. It also publishes academic books in selected subject areas across the humanities and social sciences, combining cutting-edge scholarship with high editorial and production values to produce academic works of lasting importance.  The Press is a global ambassador for the University of Edinburgh, distributing books and journals worldwide each year. Its publications carry the imprimatur of one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished centres of learning and enjoy the highest academic standards through the scholarly appraisal of the Press Committee.

Scotland has a long tradition of furthering learning and intellectual debate and promoting awareness of new ideas. Edinburgh University Press is part of that heritage. 

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