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Over 2,000 societies trust their publications to our platform.

A history of success

Atypon has been powering the business of online scholarly publishing for over a quarter of a century. That’s given us a lot of time to get to know you, and to determine what professional and academic publishers want and need from their publishing platforms.

Whether you publish STEM, humanities, or social sciences content, you need to make research convenient and productive, attract preeminent authors, build and nurture a scholarly community, and increase the impact and prestige of your content and brand. That’s why the publishers of more than 15,373 of the world’s scholarly journals host their content on Literatum, our online publishing platform.

Connect readers with your content

Our SEO strategies are informed by meetings with Google, built into every Atypon website, and optimized regularly so readers can find your site easily. After they’ve arrived onsite, AI-driven search rankings and enhanced search tools help them easily find the content they need.

Stay connected to your readers

To form lasting connections with your readers, you have to give them a reason to keep coming back. Literatum’s consumer-grade websites provide the kind of personalized online experiences readers are accustomed to. Easy-to-build, topic-based microsites attract new readers, and AI-driven content alerts keep them coming back.

Atypon technology is changing how science is done, discovered, and published.

Know your customers

Platform-based analytics allow you to learn about your visitors. Armed with this data, Literatum’s behavioral marketing module lets you tailor products to customer needs, and target ads for content that will interest them. Literatum lets you build an unlimited number of sales and subscription models, and your products can include any type of content.

Make librarians happy

Atypon serves subscription-based content to nearly every academic library in the world, and Literatum has won the trust of librarians with a reliable platform that reduces the number of customer support calls they receive. Literatum also provides functionality that makes librarians’ lives easier, such as:

  • COUNTER 5 reports generated directly on the platform
  • Easy-to-brand institutional websites
  • Entitlement tracking
  • Subscription management tools
  • Easy IP-range management
  • Shibboleth access management at their fingertips
  • And more!
We deliver over 15,373 of the world’s journals to nearly every academic library in the world.

Industry resources, repositories, and standards

Literatum makes automatic deposits to all major repositories:

  • CCC
  • Crossref
  • CrossMark
  • DeepDyve
  • Ex Libris
  • Fundref
  • ISI
  • OCLC
  • Portico
  • PubMed (Medline)
  • Scopus
  • Thomson Reuters

Literatum hosts supplemental data directly and integrates with Figshare. Support for Fundref, PRE, CHORUS, ORCID, Altmetric, Kudos, and DataCite is standard on the platform.

Atypon hosts a multi-publisher KBART page that provides metadata for all participating Literatum publishers. Literatum natively supports content and metadata encoding standards such as NLM, JATS, BITS, and ONIX.

Thank you for making this product a success. We have been giving demos around the publications area and all are very impressed and excited by what they are seeing.
— Tim Marney
Director, Digital Publishing, American Psychiatric Association Publishing

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