Role: Production

Literatum’s automated features and easy-to-use tools save you time and effort.

Progress and perfection?

Is the author’s name spelled right? Are the captions adjacent to the correct illustrations? Are embargo parameters set accurately?

Content is your responsibility from the moment it’s submitted until it’s posted online—and even after that. You must keep productivity high and error rates low, deliver on time and on budget, all while managing your outside vendors.

Too busy to think

Meanwhile, your production staff is typically bogged down with manually tagging, formatting, and updating content, and the emergency troubleshooting that comes along with platform instability prevents you from implementing anything innovative, let alone being able to accurately forecast spending.

In the end, you need reliable publication websites on a stable platform with an intuitive backend that’s available whenever you need it and accessible to whichever third-party vendors you choose.

A platform for production people

Atypon’s Literatum online publishing platform was designed with production editors in mind—to make your life easier and keep you on deadline and on budget. Literatum helps you reduce error rates and ensure that the right content is up at the right time and in the right place.

Lights out

The automation Literatum provides saves production managers and editors time and effort. The HTML we render is nearly perfect—intervention is rarely required. Embargoes never fail. And we care about the details—like automatically sizing figures so that embedded type is legible on all devices.

Keeping it together

Bidirectional linking maintains relationships between all versions of the same content; accepted manuscripts, proofs, and errata remain linked to final versions. Summaries are associated with full articles. You can even establish links between articles that are topically similar.

The ability to schedule content to publish automatically is a great time saver. Literatum has increased productivity by 25%.
— Paul Guinnessy
Manager of Digital Assets, AIP Publishing/Physics Today

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