Role: Marketing

Our technology treats your visitors like customers.

We know what capabilities marketers want

Relevant, personalized content recommendations and targeted onsite offers are key to keeping your readers engaged, but your existing technology doesn’t easily support them. Expert SEO is key to improving your discoverability and search ranking, but there’s no SEO expert on staff and no budget to hire one.

You need content performance reports, but accurate ones are time-consuming and awkward to generate, and Google Analytics doesn’t give you all the data you need. You need to attract new readers and increase the time current ones spend on your website, how often they return, and how much they spend per visit.

We give you the features marketers need

Literatum’s marketing module has more tools specifically for marketers than any other platform, including a built-in module for automated behavioral marketing. The platform includes more built-in sales and subscription models than any other platform and allows you to experiment with and create new ones on your own.

Beautiful sites with modern, consumerized UI and UX design increase readership, revenues, and brand impact. Easy-to-generate, publishing-specific reporting on users’ site behavior and content usage let you measure your success and optimize your future strategies.

Our solutions for marketers

  • Automated content recommendations—across all content types
  • Targeted ads and offers, onsite and off
  • Built-in search optimization and discoverability features that evolve as search algorithms evolve
  • Easy-to generate analytics that can be shared with colleagues from within the platform
  • Straightforward integrations with customer relationship management systems, ad servers, marketing automation systems, and other marketing-specific third-party technologies
  • Frictionless eCommerce that fosters onsite sales
  • Built-in brand integrity management design tools
Built-in sales and subscription models include:
Literatum websites attract new readers, lengthen site visits, and deepen brand loyalty.

Literatum provides the flexibility to enhance the brands of our publishing partners.
— John Haynes
Chief Executive Officer, AIP Publishing

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